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Text rotation

I saw this effect once and I thought it was pretty neat. Unfortunately, I haven't used it yet. It's a component so you can modify it as much as you want to. BTW: sorry for the colors!
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user jued
jued 1 decade ago


user avextrana
avextrana 1 decade ago

It's pretty cool!! But..
I can't find how to change the text on the buttons =S

user benurom
benurom 1 decade ago

Very nice work, im new here and i saw this effect, its just the thing i need :D
got a question, were can i change the text from the buttons? i can't find it sorry for the noobish and once again great job

user ajay_file
ajay_file 1 decade ago

ohhh... sum....

user neo.leballo
neo.leballo 1 decade ago

Very nice this is cool

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