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Clock of Singapore

Clock of Singapore aka CS. Can you spot them in Singapore ??? :) Watch it....
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user chanyanan
chanyanan 1 decade ago

thanks :)

user lucaz
lucaz 1 decade ago

Very nice !! Thanks :)

user totene5906
totene5906 1 decade ago

slight mistake, admit it guys this is nice..keep it up bro

user reykoopa
reykoopa 1 decade ago

The number 4 is O.K.

The form IIII was used before any king of englad was ruling that island. The real origing comes from the fact that Jupiter's(the king of gods) name is written in latin as IVPPITER and then, romans decided to eliminate IV as a form of respect to their most important God, the original and traditional form of IV was taken after the empire's fall when Jupiter was not so important anymore.

user mattiedog
mattiedog 1 decade ago

really nice, but you need to chnage the the number 4

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