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user jorgerosa
jorgerosa (3)

Countdown with days hours minutes seconds

Countdown with days, hours, minutes and seconds. Customisable using an very simple external XML data file. (Open and edit it, and thats all).

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user madhavan
madhavan 11 years ago

Thanks for share this & I am looking for a solution to calculate the weeks, please advise..

user nezu
nezu 14 years ago

thanks 4 share this!

user pjackel
pjackel 14 years ago

Hey - thanks for providing this. I've learnt alot about AS from your sample. You're great!

user melvin
melvin 15 years ago

very nice, thanks for share it!

user jorgerosa
the listing author jorgerosa 15 years ago

mikearaica, no problem. You dont need to create accounts or even ask for licences, etc, whatever you intend to use it, even in your commercial applications, etc. (credits would be nice, but even that is no needed) I only hopes this could be useful for everyone. Posting this file here at FFILES has been useful... even for me!... Since my HD has broke, i lot a lot of my work. (See? That is why sharing stuff is really good!) lol ;) Cya guys.

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