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user Anderson5953
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iPhone clock

This is made to look like an iPhone app called Night Stand. Uploading the teal color, but i made all 3 colors (teal, red and green). Changing color is relatively simple. Flash 8 - AS 2.0
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user firebode
firebode 10 years ago

Anderson, embedding a font STILL requires having the font on your computer.

user milk200659
milk200659 1 decade ago

thanks a lot

user Anderson5953
the listing author Anderson5953 1 decade ago

email me at kyle(at)kyleparrish(dot)net and i will be glad to send them to you.

user raylea100
raylea100 1 decade ago

Can I please have the 3 fonts you used, maybe you have a myspace where you can upload them

user roy95
roy95 1 decade ago

can you give me your LCD FONT

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