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user jmalek
jmalek (7)

Bulletproof Contact Form

It's so hard to find a reliable contact form these days. Especially, one with all the features you find yourself admiring on other sites. Well wait no longer. I used this form on an older site of man and users loved it. Hopefully you will to.
PHP file included!! Note* This is a modified version of a work i found from lucasmotta a long while back. I am not the original creator and hold no...
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user softdrake
softdrake 14 years ago

no me funciona este me dice que manda correo y no envia nda zzz..

user tommylogan
tommylogan 14 years ago

Gracias mi buen, me sacaste de un apuro.

user naveen863
naveen863 14 years ago

thanks (really its professional)

user jaizeil
jaizeil 14 years ago

thanks!!.....just really need it!

user perrocl
perrocl 15 years ago

Genial, alfin alguien que pone una wea que sirva y con todos los archivos

Great Job! cya!

Chile! =D

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