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user ganesh05
ganesh05 (2)
Hi i has developed a quiz with mixer of components and some key frame code. you can optimize the quiz by your ideas.
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Flash 8, AS 2.0
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user arunlps
arunlps 4 years ago


user Ajtam
Ajtam 5 years ago

Double Click. It's in the COMPONENT PARAMETERS/Display Label.

user idealmindz
idealmindz 6 years ago

Hi i am not able to change the text on it.. HELP Please!!

user sergio3245
sergio3245 6 years ago

Hello, how can we change the text?

user asti
asti 6 years ago

nice job ganesh...!

user ganesh05
the listing author ganesh05 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, nut this is done in my career start i will upload the new one. thanks any way.. :-)

user vijay.vijay
vijay.vijay 7 years ago

Issue: Drop more then 1 drag items on the a single target, specially when drop middle of the target.

user ishoot
ishoot 7 years ago

thanks mister :)

user Ajtam
Ajtam 7 years ago

thanks sir

user pamlee1
pamlee1 7 years ago

I'm late on this one, but it's great! Exactly what I've been seeking. Thanks so much!

user cate
cate 8 years ago

Great work ! Help to make this but it's a good idea !

user Ryne
Ryne 8 years ago

you've just helped thousands of people! a humanity contribution indeed! thanks for sharing man, God Bless you.

user allex
allex 9 years ago

I already found a solution. thank you....!

user allex
allex 9 years ago

Is there a way to change (or to see) how the components used have been coded? I'm trying (with no success) to modify this quiz by having 16 drag components symbols for only 2 drops (asking the user to put the 16 drags upon two groups (2 "drops" instances). Every answer I'll get will be greatly appreciated...I really need help for this... thank you already!

user awaischamp
awaischamp 9 years ago

hummmmmm.. no problem man .. its ok!

user bullyjosh
bullyjosh 9 years ago

Funny how people think that these files have customer support with them. They are submitted as is, and if you want it updated, download it and tweak to your heart's content. BTW Awaischamp, if the strips only fell to the right answers, then the quiz wouldn't be very hard, would it? If you're looking for an alternative to this quiz, take a look at the one I edited. It has a few more features (although you can still choose the wrong answer.)

user awaischamp
awaischamp 9 years ago

its nice, but strips should not fall to the wrong answer, can u update it?

user vijay.vijay
vijay.vijay 9 years ago

Overlapping drag items on the drop target means more then 1 objects can drop on a single container that should not be.
So try to remove thans

user shima123
shima123 9 years ago

Can we use more than 8 component in one flash move, I mean can we have 14 drag and drop? I did some apps using drag and drop, but I can only have eight using e-learning components.

user yoshi8
yoshi8 9 years ago

Can this be used on a commercial website or how much is it to use please?

user bfls
bfls 9 years ago

How we change the text options?

user kupuun9u
kupuun9u 9 years ago


user bullyjosh
bullyjosh 9 years ago

yep, that's what I did. However, there are a few places in the AS that need to be changed to compensate for more instances of the drag and drop components (you have it coded for <5 in two places, if I recall correctly) There are several other changes that need to be made for it to work seamlessly, without glitches. I also added an additional line of code to your reset button, "result_txt.htmlText = "";" which clears the incorrect message on reset. All in all, I feel it's an improvement on the file above (no disrespect to it - you did the majority of the work, I just tweaked it.) If you would like to have the file I've modified, and try to convince Adrian to replace it, by all means, let's get it done! Cheers!

user ganesh05
the listing author ganesh05 9 years ago

Hi bullyjosh just copy the drag component and create target and assign the target insatance name to the drag component thats it. it work automatic

user bullyjosh
bullyjosh 9 years ago

There have been several requests to edit this, which has not been responded to yet. I tried to address this last week, but the edited files were removed. For those interested, I have a file with a button to click on correct answer, and I also have a file that has 5 questions, and has 10 options per answer. All are tested and work fine. Just reply here if you're interested, and if you are I'll post them here (chances are it'll be removed quickly, so watch closely after you post.)

user shreeprasad
shreeprasad 10 years ago

this is

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