Circle Menu 2

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Circle Menu 2 by Nils Schnwald.
Created by HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Listing url: twitter.com/schoenwaldnils
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user 2kCastor
2kCastor 11 months ago

awesome. like it

user thomcomstock
thomcomstock 11 months ago

Let me extrapolate. I expect some functionality or else it is just a pretty design. When I first started with flask, I began by designing flash interactive menuing systems. The only difference between what I was developing and what you have created (other than the particular design) was that my systems actually did something so that others could see a result. This changes color. I would suggest that you either stick with static art or that you have your dynamic art actually "DO SOMETHING" so that potential enthusiasts may have something to be enthusiastic about.

user thomcomstock
thomcomstock 11 months ago

Can you please explain what functions this may have. I see no user interaction besides a color change upon mouse-over.

user okebonnebone
okebonnebone 12 months ago


user racnj
racnj 12 months ago

Excellent!!!!! Thanks!!!