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user utellioglu
utellioglu (13)
Move the cube with webcam.
Press any keys on keyboard to show/hide camera image.

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Flash 8, AS 2.0
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camera motion cube activated movement move rotate rotation

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user ojid
ojid 3 years ago


user andyyu
andyyu 5 years ago

why it's not working when i download the files??

user tno
tno 6 years ago

That's cool !

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 8 years ago

WebcamEvent lol

user Alphania
Alphania 8 years ago

esta bien bueno

user bigflash
bigflash 8 years ago

Doesn't work for my webcam

user activetofocus
activetofocus 8 years ago

nice work

user silentcut
silentcut 8 years ago


user Anestis
Anestis 8 years ago

This is what is called edge of technology man! Excellent work.

user slee
slee 9 years ago

i got to work on my mac. ive only recently got one so im still getting used to it. jsut in case for those having the same problem using their inbuilt webcam you need to right click on the movie then choose settings. then under the webcam image make sure that the usb class video is selected.

user elvisoft
elvisoft 9 years ago

Amazing .. simply amazing ... I really need your help .. I have a job to deliver the Faculty and before you see your work already imagined something similar but with different purpose, to use a webcam on a site to navigate, I need something the type, Webcams capture the image or the movement and make change page can be frame as the page will be simple image ... if you can help me I really appreciate it ... email: elvisoft10@gmail.com

user ctam1979
ctam1979 9 years ago

nice work

user SimonPodlipsky
SimonPodlipsky 9 years ago

how does it work?
it moves if i shaking my hand over my webcam. is it right?
first i thought that it will show me what my webcam see

user chinnaa_r
chinnaa_r 9 years ago

doesn't seem to work on my windows

user slee
slee 9 years ago

doesn't seem to work on my mac :(

user tonizek
tonizek 9 years ago

Oh yeah, you are gifted, please help me to develop something, for my site, I mean information collection form all most like contact form, but this one is for individual data. thanks

user nicowakeup
nicowakeup 9 years ago

YEAHHHHHH!!!!! thanks!

user utellioglu
the listing author utellioglu 9 years ago

More future :)

user patnik
patnik 9 years ago

n this is wicked work! :)

user patnik
patnik 9 years ago

beautiful work. thanks ;)

user ashfelipe
ashfelipe 9 years ago


user supavice
supavice 9 years ago

thx for the add's utellioglu !!
we 're going on mixed reality ;)
it's just need a color pixel detection to make this more sensible ;)
i'll post my contribution on this subject soon !
thx audiovoyuer I'd not seen your comment... and yes in facts it's working with change cam's settings ...

user supavice
supavice 9 years ago

don't work on imac webcam too =/

user FebFish
FebFish 9 years ago

It's super cool,thanks for sharing :D

user AudioVoyuer
AudioVoyuer 9 years ago

Great Work!!!!! WOW!

@Revixi5: my Macbook Pro 2.5 - works great - I had to change the camera settings to "USB class video"

user Revixi5
Revixi5 9 years ago

Not working on MacBook webcam.

user veeroo18
veeroo18 9 years ago

firstly i didnt get the concept :P .. after reading comments .. i was literally amazed .. great work !

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

Good idea, I didn't see this concept before.
But maybe if it shown image by default it was better, at first I didn't notice you have to click on keyboard to enable image.

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