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Fractal Tree

An entry for 25 lines contest
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user jerez_z
the listing author jerez_z 9 years ago

This code was developed as an example of using fractals to generate simple, but almost realistic images. Unfortunately it was also developed pre-AS3, before good OOP support (if I remember right, it was easily 5 or 6 years ago). Chances are good the issues arise from the changeover. If you'd like to develop a similar effect your best bet is to dissect the source, and build your own version.

user agoumain
agoumain 9 years ago

an other question : could you please make it loop ?
Thanks again.

user agoumain
agoumain 9 years ago

hi !!
I try to use it with prezi but it does not work...
"Technical details: id: 2100 the reason is: w=0, h=0; b(w,h)=(0,0)"
Any possibilty to modify this?


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yueid 1 decade ago


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ovm.surendar 1 decade ago


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