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3D Meteor

Fly into a meteor shower and shoot'em up! Crosshairs and all in 3D! Your shield will help protect you, but it is weakened with each head on collision with a meteor. Of course you got a certain shooting range! Clean up the meteor belt and make the galaxy yours. Tilt your sights towards safety and good luck!
This game has old school arcade features. You will be tested in 3 different speeds/levels...
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3d meteor bevelfilter bitmapfilter blurfilter applyfilter sharedobject vector movieclip perspectiveprojection projectioncenter focallength fieldofview vector3d local3dtoglobal soundmixer pythagoras theorem

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user mike1000
mike1000 13 years ago

good job!!

user kannadasan
kannadasan 14 years ago

great work!...

user splinters
splinters 14 years ago

Is there a CS3 (Flash 9)version?...this will not open.

user moni
moni 14 years ago

very nice......

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN 14 years ago

wow.. nice... don't like the sound....

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