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Arrow man

this was an abandon project from a while ago,its suppose was a RPG kind of game, im just puting it here as it may help someone else, im sorry i couldnt load the original fla, because of size ("200MB" rendered Graphics but the fla will be the character to give you or another flash learner ideas, if you dont like him tell me so i will pull him out if someone else wants to continue it feel free and... more >
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user Raidon
Raidon 9 years ago


user ezioendogoku
ezioendogoku 9 years ago

how can I download this?

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 9 years ago

I did, interesting enough as i dont work in any computer field or web design...i a preciate the comments but my work is not good enough to score me a job in doing actionscript

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 9 years ago

Brettmcmaugh from from what the details show.

user mna2012
mna2012 9 years ago

Do you know who coded this?

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