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AS3 Space Invaders

Space Invaders flash game.
5315 downloads, 31731 views

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user Mafarrico
Mafarrico 6 years ago

Hey! Excellente!

user Juanfetaminas
Juanfetaminas 10 years ago

It only has 9 levels(5750)
On level 9 you die automatically...
Good Game!

user angelprophecy
angelprophecy 10 years ago

got 5340 score in level 8 T_T the level 8 is so scary... how many levels does this game has??

user slyuch
slyuch 1 decade ago

Excellent! Congratulation!

user silvanic
silvanic 1 decade ago

My highscore was 5200 (level 8). Great game!

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