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user jerez_z
jerez_z (28)


A full AS asteroids game. The ship and asteroids are drawn dynamically (except the gun temperature meter and the flame cause of those damn gradients) Use the arrow keys and space to shoot.
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user jerez_z
the listing author jerez_z 7 years ago

Oh jeez I haven't thought about this in years. Tell you what, go back in time and tell the high school version of me that his stuff sucks.

user Gummybear
Gummybear 7 years ago

Why so many asteroids that don't even look like the real game. You need transparency on the flame also. Craft moves nice. Could be a good game but isn't.

user diabloho
diabloho 14 years ago

this sucks

user wobo45
wobo45 15 years ago

Extremely hard, you should make the asteroids smaller and slower.
apart from that, a great port!