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An Etch-A-Sketch simulator of sorts. The knobs have rotational mouse control. I also added keyboard control so you can do multiple directions at once. <br /><br />Keys:<br /><br />Left, Right, Up, Down - Draw<br />A &amp; Z - Adjust speed of horizontal draw<br />S &amp; X - Adjust speed of vertical draw<br />Q - Reset horizontal speed<br />W - Reset vertical speed<br /><br />Click mouse to change... more >
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VJOSHI 6 years ago

great idea.
can we erase it???

user nezu
nezu 1 decade ago


user rikio23
rikio23 1 decade ago

it wont erase

user polly
polly 1 decade ago

I looved that thing!! Great idea.

user yalamer08
yalamer08 1 decade ago

This is very cool .... can I post this on my website?

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