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Falling Down Game Engine

This is a simple engine for a game in which two types of objects are falling from the upper side of the screen (one bad that damages you and one good that gives you points). Everything is already set up to use this. If you want more informations on this, please refer to
Just add an homepage and a more graphical game over page and all is done. Enjoy!

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user santosbio
santosbio 10 years ago

My doubt is the same of allo2211. Can any one help us?

user allo2211
allo2211 1 decade ago

I was wondering if there is a way that you can replace the stars with words, but from a list so it is a random selection. Can any one help?

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cojzek 1 decade ago


user cojzek
cojzek 1 decade ago

can i use i give credits ;)

user melvin
melvin 1 decade ago

nice, tahnks!

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