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user sveisvasta
sveisvasta 9 years ago

Bravo, jos jednom!

user fjgamer
fjgamer 10 years ago

Nice work. Last time I created a Tetris clone, I was using AS1, but ironically, mine was more feature-rich. You should make the speed increase over time. Also, make the down arrow just speed up the fall and make space the only drop button.

user vojan
the listing author vojan 1 decade ago

I am a dedicated attention to functionality and speed. The design is weak, but for a few months I will begin to refine the design of many of my programs ...

user lovingflash
lovingflash 1 decade ago

OMG this is great! Tetris is my favorite game and you executed well my friend:)

user sabrethoon
sabrethoon 1 decade ago

good job :)' X)'

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