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Gun Fire

Gun Fire is a simple game with 15 bullets + Original Sounds effects.
Each bullet fire with Each click.

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gun fire bullets m4a1

Download (1.09 MB)


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user marianoasa
marianoasa 6 years ago

can you make this type of game for me ?? i have one gaming site... my id??

user avi3d
avi3d 8 years ago

I've started to work on a shooting game lately.
Still working on the basic engine programming:

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 8 years ago

they are approved by the admin on condition other people here like it, if you create something original and be at use to some one else : Educational or practical it will then be approved. Generally a week or so...

user riztagar
the listing author riztagar 8 years ago

Thanks :)
I'm Learning flash and and also new here and my all listings aren't approved yet :( What should I do ? :/

user krisrules
krisrules 8 years ago

nice animation

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