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Kids Math Game

This for 1st standard kids math game, for helping them add sum and learn with game enjoy lot.... with sound.
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math game add sum learn mathematics

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user nashwa
nashwa 2 years ago

PLZ, i need this game this is my e-mail

user idenaomo
idenaomo 4 years ago

The flash file is not accessible.

user Isam
Isam 4 years ago

please i want to start some project like this can you send this for me Sir its an URGENT.

user ranafarah
ranafarah 5 years ago

hi,the game is great ....can you send it to me...this is my email

user lauRon
lauRon 5 years ago

I liked your game , could you send me ? game need for preschool children. files .fla

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