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Memory Game

Memory game with card symbols.
This is my first post in actionscript 3.0.
It was done with a tutorial.

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user MehmetK
MehmetK 6 years ago

Hi Lucas,

When I run it from Flash "message_txt" writes different from those such as typing in "o, n, and so on." , as and when you want to print another text box does not display the entire, showing some letters.

Can you help please.

user lucciorebus
lucciorebus 7 years ago

@ mvseixas: add the following:
import flash.text.TextField;

user Caccabiano
Caccabiano 7 years ago

whitch tutorial?

user mike1000
mike1000 1 decade ago

thanks for sharing..

user mvseixas
mvseixas 1 decade ago

Hi lucaz,

when i export the .fla appears in compiled erros windows: 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: TextField.

Some movie clips appears with link in properties, like
BlueBoard Source: Browse:....:...:chapter08/Capturing_FIN. fla
Boarder Source: Browse:....:...:chapter08/Capturing_FIN. fla
Card Source: Browse:....Documents/NEW AS3/memory/memory.fla
mcIcon Source: Browse:... 9-10/Snow.fla
Snow Source: Browse:... 9-10/Snow.fla

I think that was the same issue as wenhan 93 and splinters

Hope you'll help. Thanks

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