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user pedrokost
pedrokost (5)

Ping pong in 2.5D

This is a simple ping pong game with a nice 3D effect.
You can read more about how it was done in the link at the Listing URL.

Listing url:
1579 downloads, 21470 views

ping pong 3d 2 5d game

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user emosystem
emosystem 9 years ago

very good work. but still could be better: when switching to another ball, there is a little bug.. and ball is not bouncing on the edge left and right. anyway nice job. congrats.

user fjgamer
fjgamer 9 years ago

Cool use of 3d effects. Pong is a little boring, though.

user girish_gulhane
girish_gulhane 9 years ago

nice game..

user lugaz
lugaz 9 years ago

nice idea

user emosystem
emosystem 9 years ago

i cant win :) nice done

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