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Shooting Game

This is a simple shooting flash game , with simple AS2 Codes , feel free to customize it :D but please , credits always return to me , Atik Bounouira .
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game flash shooting guns stickman

Download (2.73 MB)


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user tman23148
tman23148 3 years ago

Can I use it on a site?

user atik12
the listing author atik12 6 years ago

Sure thing, SaberOfCoxai, use it. ^^

user SaberOfCoxai
SaberOfCoxai 6 years ago

I would like to use this game of yours as a reference for school project that we had to do...I'm not really good at this and so i would like to use yours as a guide...TY ^^

user atik12
the listing author atik12 8 years ago

Yes AlphaCarbon , you surely can :D

user AlphaCarbon
AlphaCarbon 8 years ago

Hey there is it ok if I use your game to improve it?

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