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Spider Grab - cute but cheezy

spiders fall, then crawl off. grab them.
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spiders grab games drag and drop

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user cate
cate 1 decade ago

Funny !

user darkwarrior
darkwarrior 1 decade ago

jajaj..greate, greate...and fuunyy, felicidades que chistoso esta esto.

user kumar269
kumar269 1 decade ago

pavlicko-spider man

user waynenort
waynenort 1 decade ago

Quirky once picked up.... mmmmmmmmmm
Either you've dismembered the legs from their body and their in shear pain or there simply freaked from the giant shoe that's that about to squash em..... if that doesn't get them, then there's the birds that will swoop them or if their male, they're usually killed after mating by the female..... a pretty grim existence for a spider :(

user pavlicko
the listing author pavlicko 1 decade ago

It should be noted that these spiders occasionaly act "quirky" once you pick them up. I've tried to figure out WHY they still freak out, but I'm lost. If anyone knows why, I'd be awfully appreciative!

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