Worlds hardest game remake file preview

user jcasbolt
jcasbolt (1)

Worlds hardest game remake

Just made it as a project at school, need some feedback on it.
Thanks people!

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game movement flash free red blue green yellow all colors

Download (32.29 KB)


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user bakaboda
bakaboda 6 years ago

haha, it took me a bit, but did it. good job, like it a lot! thanks

user swakrie
swakrie 7 years ago

nice game..

user jejeli
jejeli 7 years ago


user Resistance
Resistance 9 years ago

Thats the WORLDS most easiest game . Straight After you start just press down and after you get too the corner press right. if you doo it from start you will make it.

user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 10 years ago

not that good
and it does REALLY not remind of worlds hardest game!

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