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Your Kids Math2

Flash CS5.5
ActionScript 2.0.

This game for kids who can learn addition with
playing game.


1. Random number for addition digits.
2. Interactive graphic background.
3. Animated character.
4. Background sound with equalizer.
5. Correct and wrong answer popup massage.

copyrights sudamaChander

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math game add addition sum mathematics

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user b_adam
b_adam 6 years ago

will be glad to use your temp

user rohit_79
the listing author rohit_79 8 years ago

Hi cate, thanks for the likes my game and sorry for that not opening file actually this file is u can download this _math_3361.html

user cate
cate 8 years ago

Hello Rohit !
It's a very nice game well done !!!
Graphics are very good ! I can't open files because I have CS5 Version 10 ! children can learn and play now !

user solt
solt 8 years ago

well done!

user vegas
vegas 8 years ago

nice graphic!!!

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