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Your Sliding Puzzle

This is sample 9 sliding image puzzle with 2 levels and time....have fun.. If want develop full animated CD.
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puzzle sliding memory

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user sjpkd
sjpkd 7 years ago

I downloaded and then published it again in flash. But its not working!!..what could be wrong? but anyway excellent
effort mate!!

user rohit_79
the listing author rohit_79 8 years ago

Hi joanne; this is my e mail id:, on face book u can search with same email id.

user joanne
joanne 8 years ago

hi rohit do u have an fb account?can I have it?I have questions about flash programming....

user rohit_79
the listing author rohit_79 8 years ago

hi, check you email i have sent u a matching game hope that help for u.

user lynielynie
lynielynie 8 years ago

can you help me to create a matching game?? please help me.. this is for my solo project.. i need to create a me plss..

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