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Your Tracing Fun

This is a 'sample' tracing app, there multiple shapes tracing practice for kids. Mobile: +91 9891849677
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VJOSHI 5 years ago

I can't open .fla file. I want this file.

user rohit_79
the listing author rohit_79 7 years ago

tiagosaad: you can use my script but dont use as same graphic

user tiagosaad
tiagosaad 7 years ago

Hi! I'd like to use game on my website. I wouldn't make money from it, it would be free for everybody. I'd like only to customize the language and look of the app (wich i can do with the .fla i've downloaded). Please answer me with your conditions! Thanks.

user rohit_79
the listing author rohit_79 8 years ago

dilkhaira: I can make any language for trace game... 9891849677 this is my contact details.

user dilkhaira
dilkhaira 8 years ago

can you help me to make Punjabi alphabet game thanks

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