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3D Cube Banner

1. Make some cubes. 2. Split the bitmaps in sections. add some internal Adobe tweens. Now you have my Math and code version at just 5Kb in size.

No class required, no external tweener and all on 75 lines of code. In fact, it could be reduced further if you did put the code in an AS class file and then use the this keyword to build each instance of the cubes.

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3d cube cubebanner piecemaker

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user 24753
24753 9 years ago


user wanttolearn
wanttolearn 9 years ago

Thank you for sharing your project and presenting us this use of flash. This is very useful to me and I will attempt to figure out what you did here since I would like to add to the capabilities of this to fit my requirements.

Thank you,


user maximasolutions
maximasolutions 10 years ago

nice work Stewart. what do we do if we want this to autoplay by default?

user priewzaza
priewzaza 1 decade ago

woww it's great

user Vinata
Vinata 1 decade ago

I can't get the files to open in CS3

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