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PanBox Image Pan Component

PanBox is an image panning component. It is very easy to use and can be set to display any size image.

Just simply tell the component what size to use and which image to show. that's it.

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panbox pan

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user winandhi
winandhi 10 years ago

Hello scriptonomy, what you've done is good, but how can i modify on pointing the pic till the edge, which file (AS) should i have to change.

When i placed my pic there i can not see the edge of the pic.


user scriptonomy
the listing author scriptonomy 1 decade ago

Sumeshsn2, I don't write in AS2 anymore.

user scriptonomy
the listing author scriptonomy 1 decade ago

gringociclista, if you are new to flash nothing is really simple. Files here are meant for you to learn from, give you examples, and a jumpstart on certain projects. The net is a great place to learn all kind of stuff. Just google stuff like, AS3 flashvars. The basic idea here is to capture flashvars coming from the host html, then load the file as specified in flashvars, then pass the loader contents or the loader object itself to the PanBox component. It's really simple, but again nothing is simple when you are fresh to AS3 or Flash. Hint: LoaderInfo is where you need to pull the parameters from (flashvars), once you load the image file make sure its reference is accessible to other frames in the timeline.

user Sumeshsn2
Sumeshsn2 1 decade ago

I'm new to action script.but this is good.I just wanna know that is it possible to do the same in as2.if possible pls let me show the as2 script...

user gringociclista
gringociclista 1 decade ago

I'm very new to Flash - maybe you can give me a few hints what I have to change in the .fla file to make it use flashVars? (gringociclista ( a t ) I know there are panorama players that create some kind of immersive effect - I don't like that however. The Panbox is great and does exactly what I want.
thanks for any help in advance,

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