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Power Resizer

When to change browser size or the stage window size or display full-screen display.
Use Resizer can automatically locate, very convenient and simple.

Resizer.to(target object,target position,origin,offset value,delay time,effect function).

In addition to the target object must be made, the other can not add,like Resize.to(target object).
Parameter Description
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resize effect delay time offset function simple easy

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user deanmale2001
deanmale2001 10 years ago

Thank You!!!

user dequila
dequila 1 decade ago

thank you~

user activetofocus
the listing author activetofocus 1 decade ago

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user fjgamer
fjgamer 1 decade ago

I've made similar resizing windows, but I never thought to make a component out of them. Also, Ivisited the site, and I didn't see this on there.

user dmj
dmj 1 decade ago


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