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user Dabuki
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water waves real effect

Water waves real effect, static and interactive.

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water waves real effect static interactiv

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user rngala
rngala 9 years ago

This is tech, like the action, so far i dont think jQuery or those wannabe scripts can match this.... not yet.
Good image concept.

user patriciocass
patriciocass 9 years ago


user alexgl2004
alexgl2004 9 years ago

If circle created by mouse make more eliptical...It will become more real.

user Ricky123
Ricky123 9 years ago

Cool effect.I found a lot of like flash gallery xml this.

user kayoub5
kayoub5 9 years ago

the effect is very good
but I can't say the same thing about the effect performance(it requires a lot of CPU, and sometimes glitches, when you shake the mouse)

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