Zoom Efffect with mouse wheel... file preview

user ajitpal
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Zoom Efffect with mouse wheel...

Zoom Effect, just click on image and it zoom that part om mouse wheel up or down. Thank you. Hope you enjoy zooming........
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user william89
william89 9 years ago

I like your flash file but is there a way to stop it from moving back to its original location when you go to zoom in, i have another AS action ontop of the flash to enable me to move the image with drag and drop but want to be able to zoom in on its new location once i have moved it

user jorge1983
jorge1983 9 years ago


ALEPREMIER 10 years ago

very good

user sanju388
sanju388 1 decade ago

Good Effort

user vns_amon
vns_amon 1 decade ago

nice work thanks

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