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Zoom in effect with the simple practice of Masking and less code involvment.
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zoom in view

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user gocadayi
gocadayi 8 years ago


user cesc
cesc 10 years ago

it works perfect thanks.

user hoelzcarol
hoelzcarol 1 decade ago

Make a "grafic" in the "movie" with a picture of actual size,
and modify the placement of graphics within the positioning of the movie. Got it?

Tanks ^^

user mian
the listing author mian 1 decade ago

matte_1630:do following step
1.set the image size on layer ist 1130*700 and also the work area at same size
2.SIze of MC on 2nd layer at 3000*1800

user matte_1630
matte_1630 1 decade ago


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