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user Ahamdan
Ahamdan (1)

Boxes intro

Intro logo with boxes and character
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logo animation

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user rismawan2012
rismawan2012 11 years ago

wow thanks you for your tutor

user matheussr2000
matheussr2000 11 years ago

can i use to my youtube intro?

user WillyG66
WillyG66 11 years ago

Credit to you for sure but it would have been nicer if the intro did not repeat itself. You should redo this to keep it still when everything falls into place. It can be annoying seeing a great intro like this keeps doing the same thing over and over. Cheers.

user jcpadilla
jcpadilla 11 years ago

It's cool!!!

user raulsuarez
raulsuarez 11 years ago

Very creative!

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