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Indigo Intro

Dynamic flash intro suitable for any kind of bussines, strong emphasis in text message and logo, text, logo, and url link for the skip intro and enter site are dinamically loaded by the XML file, full screen mode in compatible browsers, catchy logo effect will make your company logo difficult to forget, enjoy
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intro bussines blue xml dynamic logo

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user bhavesh_bhanshe
bhavesh_bhanshe 7 years ago


user gentewiki
gentewiki 10 years ago


user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 13 years ago

@Yvanoph: the .js files that need to be renamed are changed by ffiles system, it renames them to .js_safe to prevent them to run on server. Users need to rename these after download.

user Yvanoph
Yvanoph 13 years ago

Took time to look AGAIN INSIDE your files, so...
At first, your zip contains files NOT good which need to RENAME, like js file ! UNABLE to use WITHOUT to know a little bit names ans "usefullinees" of files...
Secondly, YOU ask in html file FL9 cab, it's NOT ME WHO wrote SUCH file ? ! ? ! ?
MY thought today is may be you did such file by FL8 at beginning but after you changed few things inside, as much as I saw TWO years AFTER, but NOT whith the same soft ! And by THIS way you change type of Flash ?
However, files like they are NOW in zip are totaly unable to work good WITHOUT to change few things by ourself !
Review your zip may be ? Yvanoph---

user Yvanoph
Yvanoph 13 years ago

Right Adrian, and this disapear with AS3.

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