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Sword Intro

I was going to use this for my games, but ohwell I'm giving it to you. I hope you like it. This is the first real intro submitted to this site I think ^_^. Please review it so I know your thoughts :) and rate it please. I forgot to add sound (Gasps) :(<br />EDIT: Added a thumbnail :], Sorry for updating it so much :( I know you have to approve it each time.
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user robloxflasher
robloxflasher 1 decade ago

i will change this(the sword, colours, and some things so this wont be like others!)
thx think its cool
im not so good animator or drawer
im not like a design pro:P

user lamarinator
lamarinator 1 decade ago

Wow, that was really cheesy, lol not even any sound XD

user EagleVision
EagleVision 1 decade ago

Do you still need it? I can't do it...Just asking...

user lunoenterprise
lunoenterprise 1 decade ago

I'm completely new to this and need some help with logo animation. For our Young Enterprise group (Luno), we have an end of year presentation. For the introduction of this we have had the idea of using Flash animation to create an animation, but we're not too sure how easy or plausible the idea is!

Our logo is: es/logo.gif

The idea we ahd was to have the solar eclipse in the sky moving across the sun (without any writing). As the sun moves across to just about completely cover the sun, the whole screen would go white. As the white fades out, the Luno logo (as above) would appear on a black background.
To finish it off, the lights would move panoramically, right to left, across the writing; emphasising the shadows.

This may be completely unplausible, but as I say, I am completely new to this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Especially if you could do any of it for us!!

Thanks a lot,
Leigh (Luno Enterprise)