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user mustafakont
mustafakont (2)

Fading Screen Video tutorial

Fading Screen Video tutorial for beginners
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user ViviLo
ViviLo 1 decade ago

So good!! Great :) thxs

user picassoo
picassoo 1 decade ago

wow thank

user mustafakont
the listing author mustafakont 1 decade ago

This is prepeared with Camtasia Studio.

user dominicanstan
dominicanstan 1 decade ago

mustafakont::::::: Can i get the video player (fla file)please???
I need on of this for my website...
im trying to create a section in my website called tutorial section it is about PS CS3...
you will geting credit for it...

user ajitpal
ajitpal 1 decade ago

hey Man!!nice post You said something about code... ok!! then i give you one thing ??? do that if you are not a hell beginners .... load 4 SWF one into another like _bg.bg1(swf1)._bg2(swf2)._bg3(SWF3)._bg4 (swf4).... than from _bg play SWF4 (_bg4._anim_mc). make anim mc a small movie clip with some animation and try to control it out..... use AS3... You may laught out.. But this is serious...... So become a f*** code and try to solve it........

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