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bannner commercial

bannner commercial

graphic,effect text

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user Vinicios
Vinicios 1 decade ago

legal cara muito bom

user shreeprasad
shreeprasad 1 decade ago

Good Banner but your images r not clear

user Edu-linkzxa
Edu-linkzxa 1 decade ago

so cool, good job and nice try.

user jing1
jing1 1 decade ago

yeah but its nice piece and if you stick at it i reckon your work will vastly improve.

thanks for the reply comment and your english isn't too bad :p

user subsist
subsist 1 decade ago

Basic is whats usual on these types of banners.. but the one thing that is bad about this is the file size! On this type of banner the file size should be around 25-45kb.

*I make those kind of banners for a living..for a local newspaper*

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