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BMW Logo

BMW Logo
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bmw logo animation

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user makkmadi
makkmadi 10 years ago

Excelent work, Well done. Thanks

user kilani
the listing author kilani 10 years ago

Rseni, thank you indeed for your comment. You are welcome, I can help you any time. This is my email

user rseni
rseni 10 years ago

Very creative stuff. Really cool logo. Hy I need to create a logo much like you see on TV zipping across the screen, during replays etc, much like your, can you pls help me with it.

user ricot
ricot 10 years ago

can i have the tutorial of this animation

user kilani
the listing author kilani 1 decade ago

it's only motion tweens , now it's CS3,AS3. you can download it now.

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