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Brazilian Carnival

Animation made for the site of an online radio
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user joemaxwell23
joemaxwell23 1 decade ago

Hey thanks man i am still leraning this and i am trying to learn more flash....cheers...hey post more...

user zetti
zetti 1 decade ago

Garoto! Pesou demais esse trabalho, heim?

user bullyjosh
bullyjosh 1 decade ago

That's what we're here for - I try to never be mean about it, but to encourage people to grow. This is a great community for the sharing of ideas!

user bgssilva
the listing author bgssilva 1 decade ago

Thank you all for always constructive criticism. I am studying and improving more. Such comments encourage me more to continue on this road in search of a greater knowledge.

user hesplue
hesplue 1 decade ago


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