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Can be kept on the top of the page for std navigation element.
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user jocasts
jocasts 1 decade ago

Sagavu, I didn't make this, but to try to answer your question: Set an html page with an iframe below the flash and give is an ID name...
Now "Men" is called item1...
so link it to load an html page into that frame...
use the GETURL and include the ID... there are some tutorials online if you search "loading from flash to iframes"... good luck

user radiotipo
radiotipo 1 decade ago

muy lindo

user chatrapathi
chatrapathi 1 decade ago


user martinnitus
martinnitus 1 decade ago

Very professional!

user sagavu
sagavu 1 decade ago

Hi, could someone help me out. If I use this template as a navigation menu, how do I link it to different pages?
Thanks in advance!