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another mp3 player

Create your own skin to match your site. Use the context menu or use shift+i for track info, shift+u/d for volume, shift+p for position display and shift+t for track. You can also change the textcolor and if the player starts when it's loaded. It uses XML
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xml mp3 player

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user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 1 decade ago

allanw3it: sorry about that. honestly, i dont remember setting a password for any file i've made. just load in the swf, remove the control handlers in AS for key presses. i made it so you can use shift+key to change the volume and track. remove any reference to the key detection class and compile it and import into your project. make sure no password is set.

-thanks for the comments

user allanw3it
allanw3it 1 decade ago

I have an issue with this if I try to build the orginal.fla in CS4 error is "The class or interface 'KeyDetection' could not be loaded.", if I try to import the music.swf into my project it asks for a password.

Do you know why I get the error? can you provide the password for the music.swf?


ANDCERO 1 decade ago

tank you

user ekalak
ekalak 1 decade ago

thank for the file :)

user ledobermann
ledobermann 1 decade ago

Dont understand me wrong
Its a great player but Im looking for extra futures.

I saw on a website the following player and my question was if it was possible to add those futures to you player in an easy way. (Look at: )

Like the playlist and a progress bar


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