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AS 3.0 XML MP3 Player

Probably the only free mp3 player with a scrubber. Mp3's not included here. See the listing link to get the latest version.

It has many features and buttons like balance, volume, next, previous, play, pause, stop, seek, repeat, etc.

Credits for second song goes to

Listing url:
22044 downloads, 56225 views

Download (5.24 MB)


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user techied
techied 2 years ago

Only missing one feature.
Total player time of current file.
This way the progress timer gets a more apt meaning.

user mikiki
mikiki 1 decade ago

Pause button stops the track and rewinds it... Not what it's suppose to do! but thanks for the effort

user rccintra
rccintra 1 decade ago

It looks great! I haven't tested yet - still changing the button colors! :)

user odreboy
odreboy 1 decade ago

Can some one help me to embebd this player in my flash file, I want to include this player in one of my pages.
is that possible?

user activetofocus
activetofocus 1 decade ago

great files

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