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Animation that simulates an equalizer width on/off botton.
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equalizer on off

Download (7.48 MB)


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user gentewiki
gentewiki 7 years ago


user Abaddom
Abaddom 8 years ago

Keep trying

user mustu9980
mustu9980 9 years ago

very nice work justV, really appreciate.
Please do keep sharing your experience and work with us (especially me who is too low in the knowlege of flash :( )

user hazielprogmetal
hazielprogmetal 10 years ago

Ok! Ok!
I do not understand very well that your last comment because I am Brazilian and I do not know very much English, but anyway, sorry bro, next time I will try to expose a more constructive opinions and ideas!
Peace to you!

PS: These comments are a little out of context "jajajaja"

So long brother!

user justV
the listing author justV 10 years ago

bullyjosh, you have expose what i think in a better way, Yes for the constructive criticism... No for those that dont give you nothing to improve

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