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Animation that simulates an equalizer width on/off botton.
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equalizer on off

Download (7.48 MB)


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user gentewiki
gentewiki 8 years ago


user Abaddom
Abaddom 9 years ago

Keep trying

user mustu9980
mustu9980 10 years ago

very nice work justV, really appreciate.
Please do keep sharing your experience and work with us (especially me who is too low in the knowlege of flash :( )

user hazielprogmetal
hazielprogmetal 1 decade ago

Ok! Ok!
I do not understand very well that your last comment because I am Brazilian and I do not know very much English, but anyway, sorry bro, next time I will try to expose a more constructive opinions and ideas!
Peace to you!

PS: These comments are a little out of context "jajajaja"

So long brother!

user justV
the listing author justV 1 decade ago

bullyjosh, you have expose what i think in a better way, Yes for the constructive criticism... No for those that dont give you nothing to improve

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