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user flashato
flashato (3)

Equalizer Effect

Equalizer with stop/play music with position control to resize the window. Flash CS3 and ActionScript 2.0.
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equalizer music resize player

Download (17.55 KB)


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user danielfes
danielfes 13 years ago

hi there. I downloaded your equalizer, but I can't make it work at Internet Explorer (works fine at Chrome and Firefox). Is there some incompatibility at this particular web browser? thanks!

user castelo
castelo 13 years ago

to tighten the bars, the music stop, but to tighten again because the music does not come back?

user castelo
castelo 13 years ago

ao apertar nas barras, a msica da stop, mas ao apertar de novo no volta a musica porque?

user flashato
the listing author flashato 13 years ago

for love247_jo

you must first export the sound for ActionScript;

user love247_jo
love247_jo 13 years ago

nice :) but how can i add the music?

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