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Hardware Scaled Flash Media Player AS3

Pls check the newest Hardware scaled flash player - revision 2 in this site repository because its an improved version of this one.
//repaired and reuploaded April 20 22:45 GMT+1
(manual html scaled flash now working (exact-fit)).
this is a progressive FLV / H.264 encoded video player including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V). The main point of this player is its hardware scaling feature when...
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hardware scaling video player h 264 flv free fullscreen h264 hd

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user saichiu
saichiu 10 years ago

many thanks !!!!!!!!!

user Seekon
the listing author Seekon 10 years ago

heh i already fixed everything so you dont have to do anything in the new player so you just do the width/height in html and thats it.
Here is the link: ardware_scaled_flash_media_player_as3_re vision_2_3060.html
thou it hasnt been approved yet since the admins dont want to spam with new items. Feel free to ask anything else you might need.

user depecheboy
depecheboy 10 years ago

Thanks, i change the stage size but i can't align or change the size of the video can i do that?..

i tried to remove or change the code line:

stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;

but the video always align in the top left of the stage.

user kopshka
kopshka 1 decade ago

Dear Seekon, thanks a lot, works great: html

user Seekon
the listing author Seekon 1 decade ago

Kopshka: the player is now resizable so you put any size in html as you want... "play.html" is included showing you simplest way how to put your desired flash width & height on webpage. Pls let me know if anyone finds any bugs heh :). ty

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