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Hardware Scaled Flash Media Player AS3 - Revision 2

this is an improved version of the 1st H-scaled player. It was made to improve usability since it now has proper scaling and the swf can be used multiple times in same webpage - 1stly checks for the use of flashvars, 2ndly checks the xml data file for choosing the movie without going into flash thou you can also edit the movie link in the flash as the 3rd option (Examples included). Improved... more >
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media player flash h 264 hardware scaling fullscreen

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user Harmanjeet
Harmanjeet 9 years ago

hey how to change file in it while embedding , thnxzz

user Seekon
the listing author Seekon 1 decade ago

actually the UI(menu im guessing) does hide on 1.5s after your mouse leaves the movie area until you mouse over it again so if that doesnt happen im guessing your flash version is out of date or something like that... expect if that happens to lots of people :s. so does the UI really not hide?

user bulutemektar
bulutemektar 1 decade ago

This is great! Thanks a lot! Is there a way to hide the UI?

user RaydenCruz
RaydenCruz 1 decade ago

Thanks! =)