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Hardware Scaled Youtube API Player AS3

this is a player made with Youtube API AS3 for streaming youtube movies on your webpage. Hope you like it, for controls check the 1st Hardware scaled flash player. As for all other things i put on... feel free to post any bugs you may find while using it. Also be aware you can use flashvars or the xml file for telling the swf which file to play so you only need 1 swf and have multiple players at... more >
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youtube api hardware player media h 264

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user gr1298
gr1298 8 years ago

I loved it, work just fine but I found a strange behave - try to press the arrow down or the arrow up in the keybord when you are in the full screen mode - the image get narrow or increase the high eventough looks like to keep the the whole extension - the same happens in the regular size since you keep your mouse over the player and click on it to get focus on it... can you fix it?

user clesionet
clesionet 8 years ago

I like!

user danmagreen
danmagreen 10 years ago

you are the best in the media players

user jaicyb
jaicyb 1 decade ago

Jadore BRAVO!!!!!

Thanks :)

user yatinweb
yatinweb 1 decade ago

Player is gr8.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video is awesome..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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