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user Seekon
Seekon (4)

Hardware scaling video player YouTube

This is a progressive FLV / H.264 encoded video player including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4V, F4V.
It can also play youtube movies using Youtube API and has an optional hardware scaling fullscreen.

+ neat code (used patterns)
+ customizable
+ webpage dimming example included
+ simple documentation included
+ free
? feel free to ask anything relating to the player or and please report any...
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youtube api hardware scaling player media h 264 h264 mvc model view controller

Download (450.12 KB)


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user gr1298
gr1298 11 years ago

I loved it specially the dimming effect just one note: the YouTube icon in the low left is being covered by your menu but by mistake you touch on it than you have a flick in your film and it also take you away from the full screen mode get you back in the regular size... I thought you should make your command bar a little more "high" in order to avoid the problem just descibed, Thanks again!

user ap3042
ap3042 11 years ago

wow, can't wait to try this out. Thanks for all the effort.

user elza.rsp
elza.rsp 11 years ago

Great work! Thanks for sharing, will be very useful to my studies AS3. Big hug.