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user jing1
jing1 (2)

mp3 player with volume slider

Flash mp3 player with volume slider.
7286 downloads, 35985 views
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user jing1
the listing author jing1 14 years ago

zoop zoop i thought id pass thru 3 years later, thanks for the mass amount of downloads guys at the time i pretty much sucked at flash but hey least it works and people are using it. Cheers, James.

user sercansanli
sercansanli 14 years ago

ohhh nice

user awais_champ
awais_champ 15 years ago

nice work.. save my lot of time.. thanks

user leefy
leefy 16 years ago

bad..and im not great so that definately not a good comment mate.

user jing1
the listing author jing1 16 years ago

I didn't code it, i actually cant code i just was handed a very bad mp3 form a mate and mate it interfacialy nice.

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