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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (32)

Mute button with fade

A button that mutes / unmutes a sound with fade in and fade out effect.
The sound used is property of

How to change the sound:
- First do a "file > import to library" and place your file in the flash library.
- Right click the mp3 file in the library, select "linkage" and type a name under the "identifier" field, press ok.
- In the actionScript code make sure the...
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user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 14 years ago

I am guessing that that error might be because of flash version in publish settings.
OR ... the clips you created are the wrong type (button/clip)
OR ... you wrote the actions in a wrong place, while a clip was selected rather than a keyframe or a button.

user KelvinAlf
KelvinAlf 14 years ago

Thanks again, I have tried a couple from other authors but it comes up with errors about how a mc can't have on Mouse release and things like that. I'll keep looking, thanks for the help.

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 14 years ago

OK, then you probably should look for a "flash play/pause sound button".

user KelvinAlf
KelvinAlf 14 years ago

BTW sorry for asking so much, I'm 17 and not really skilled in flash as you can probably tell. I've been trying to get a play/stop(or pause) button to play, and have it not being played to start, for the past 4 days

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